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Index capital with Company number 8137999 is an international financial services company that provides lending facilities, deposit programs for interaction with innovative payment instruments, as well as custody and savings services for individuals and companies.2009, we obtained certified approvals for our offline operations around the world. Since 2014, we have moved into the online investment and lending business, and since 2017 we have been conducting financial transactions for exchanging fiat and cryptocurrency funds, providing cryptocurrency listing services to leading trading platforms, and developing cryptocurrency software solutions, including ACLPay, a payment service for goods and services by debiting and converting cryptocurrency assets of the app owner. We use more than 30 popular exchange destinations for regular partners who use multiple payment systems for B2C settlements with different currencies. This gives an advantage for convenient investments, using the requested currencies and payment systems for our passive partners .we have taken care of not only our players but also every fan of our team. In 2021, payment for services to our club will become available in cryptocurrency for everyone through the introduction of our token by direct integration . We have ensured that our customers get maximum convenience when joining our system, through the partnership with Global trading . Our fans are now our partners

Through active investment programs, we provide guarantees to our partners when carrying out investment processes. We use both our total share capital of over USD 1.7 billion (of which 40% is in fiat currency and 60% in cryptocurrency) and the capital raised by investors (approximately up to 10% of share capital) to generate higher returns. Today, we generate most of our revenue from the exchange transactions, the lending process, we are tied to all business processes in the company

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When you open an account, will hold your funds on a segregated basis, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority's client money rules.

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